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I keep seeing lots of posts about migrating to DreamWidth or opening an account there.

What's the difference between LJ and DreamWidth? Aside from exclusivity and kewlness, why would you want a DreamWidth account?

Excellent archery course

If you aren't already reading it (and it is done), I recommend l_clausewitz's course on archery.

It is here:


NaNo '08

Hello all you FMers in LJ land!

How's everyone doing on their NaNo projects? Do you think you're going to make to to the finish line?
I hope my FM friends who are also on my LJ f-list will forgive me double-posting this announcement, but I want to share it with as many writers as possible.

Today on How To Get Your Novel Published I feature Stacia Kane's excellent Small House & ePublisher series.

SAD Challenge

Hello FMers!

This community seems to have quieted down a bit after NaNo. But is anyone here participating in the Story-A-Day Challenge? Has anyone participated before?

Does anyone have random story generators that they've enjoyed using?
Ah. Maybe this is one more place where I should announce that I'm teaching the January 2008 Back to School for Busy Writers class--on the subject of archery. Feel free to hop in there if you think your story may have anything to do with bows and arrows!

Two-Year Novel Course?

Have any of you done the 2YN course before? Anyone signing up for 2008? I just signed up (ETA: I'm elizabeths), though I'm not sure it's a good idea -- I'm working on another novel that is going to remain a higher priority, and the class schedule is very different than my usual working method. Not quite sure what I'm in for.

So How's everyone doing?

Nano and otherwise I guess. It's been awhile since the last post to the comm so I thought I'd see how everyone's doing.

How's Nano been going? Word count and plot wise to. Any plans to finish the stories beyond the 50k win (or just keep working on the draft for those that haven't got the 50)?

Non-Nano, what's happening writing wise? New projects? Ones that had been set aside for Nano? Editing? Poems?

Let the games begin!

Okay folks, today is the start of NaNo. I hope everyone has their pencils sharp and their fingers limber! Good luck to everyone participating. I'm planning on posting word-counts weekly for everyone listed below.


If I missed anyone, please let me know and I'll add you to the list. Again good luck and happy writing! 


Just a good luck note--

Good luck to everyone participating in NaNoWriMo this year!