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My Photo blog

Since there are some here that are inspired by pictures I figured I'd post the link to my newly installed photo blog. (hope that's alright). It's kind of aimed at writers as well as anyone that's interested in some of the pictures I take. But ya, weather the pictures inspire stories, or anyone wants to see some Visuals of various places around New York state, here's the link: http://clairegoverts.com/writerspov/ .

I'm still tweaking the layout and how the images are displayed on the blog, but I have two posts so far up. Feel free to ask if anyone has any questions about the locations of the pictures.

Oh, and if anyone else has any photo related blogs I'd be interested in linking them on my blog.

So what do you do when things dry up?

If you happen to hit a dry spell--say, a year or so (I have an excuse; I had a brain tumour), how do you jump-start the mind again?

I've been doing RPG related stories--sessions done in story format, or the adventures of the Occult Investigations Agency (which uses somebody else's superhero background and is hence unpublishable).

Your solution?

NaNo registration

Okay folks!  For those of you on NaNo, it's time to register. :)  I'm on there as 'celticwolf72' (big suprise, right?), so feel free to add me as a writing buddy if you want.  And please comment this thread with your NaNo username so that everyone else knows who to look for. 


FM Board Status

I was able to log onto the website today, so I think we're up and running again!  If you're still having problems, try clearing out your temporary internet files and/or cache.  That should clear up the issue. 

FM Board status?

I'm having problems getting to the login or the lobby of the FM Site.  Any one have any idea what may be going on? 

and we're back

We should be back. Let everybody know.

yes, we're down again

Security-related issues. We're working on fixes. Please let everybody know.


I'm just wondering how many of us are planning on doing NaNoWriMo this year? I know I'm going to do it (I'm actually outlining the novel at this time so I'm not sitting on my thumbs come November).

If you're going to do NaNo, let us know! Come October 31st I'll post a list of all participants here, and maybe even do a weekly check in thread so we can encourage each other here.



Hey everyone!  Just wanted to let you know we've already gone up to 7 members or so. :)  I might have missed one when I was counting.  Anyway, for those that know of other FM'ers that have LiveJournals, please point them this way. :)

Also, please post on here if you do one of the dares or marathons.  Then I can post the results for the community to share.  I know some of our FM'ers don't use the boards, but they should know of the successes of others too. ;)

If folks would like to add ideas for events for the Community, please feel free in a response, or heck... even put up a post!  And yes, as far as I'm concerned, posting snippets is fine. 


Welcome to the FM Writers LJ community.  Apparently there was another one here, but it never got publicized, but hey... second time's the charm for once, right? :)  Anyway, feel free to come here and kvetch if you don't feel like dropping it on the FM boards.

Let the fun begin!